Boat Name: Obsession
Owner: David Allan
Skipper: David Allan
Sail Number: 2999
Type of Boat: Sydney 38
Club: PDYC

Crew Members: Nic Banfield, Rhys Witt, Dmitri Allan, Tim Ferguson and Brad Strange.

Obsession is a standard Sydney 38 that came to Tasmanian waters in the 2010 Sydney to Hobart, being the boat’s 5th Sydney to Hobart. Since arriving in Tasmanian waters, Obsession has been extensively campaigned in various inshore and offshore events around the state including the 2011 and 2012 Australian Three Peaks Race.

Obsession will be proudly fly the PDYC burgee and is crewed by PDYC members, David Allan, Dmitri Allan, Nic Banfield, Rhys Witt, Tim Yogi Ferguson and Brad Strange.


Fish Frenzy

Boat Name: Fish Frenzy
Owner: Stephen Keal
Skipper: Stephen Keal
Sail Number: 5090
Type of Boat: Farr 50
Club: BYC

Crew Members: Mathew Keal Brett Pritchard, Jeff halliday, Andrew Coombe, Ronald Boxhall, Mark Millhouse, Phillip Millhouse, Simon Coad, Graham Mansfield and John Wearne.



Boat Name: Fordplay
Owner: Grant Ford
Skipper: Ambi Ford
Sail Number: B38
Type of Boat: Bavaria
Club: RYCT

Crew Members: Grant Ford, Kelly Pearson, Greg Brooks, Graeme Jones, Catherine Kerr.

Fordplay is a 38 foot Bavaria built in 2004. Although new to the racing scene she has done a circumnavigation of Tasmania in 2011 and will do so again in 2013.

Wings Three

Boat Name: Wings Three
Owner: Peter Haros
Skipper: Peter Haros
Sail Number: 3938
Type of Boat: Northshore 38
Club: DSS

Crew Members: David Haros, Fletcher Still, Robert Tuck, Tony Vande Vusse, Peter Gautschi and  William Koolhof

Wings Three is a Northshore 38, built in 1984. Wings Three does nothing perfectly but everything we ask, she does ‘very well’. Running and reaching being her strongest points of sail. As a cruiser racer she has been very competitive and a pleasure to own for the last 6 years. Wings Three is easily handled with a crew of 6-8 when racing, or just two when cruising. Her results include a PHS win and 2nd on AMS in the 2010 Maria Island; 3rd both on PHS and AMS in the 2010 L2H; PHS winner in the 2011-12 Combined Clubs long race series; 2012 crown series winner in both Performance Cruising and AMS series.

Pirate’s Pride

Boat Name: Pirate’s Pride
Owner: Peter Masterton
Skipper: Peter Masterton
Sail Number: N9
Type of Boat: Northshore 370 Sport
Club: BYC

Crew Members: Paul Bonnitcha and Tim Marslake

Pirate’s Pride was purchased 18 months ago in Newcastle. The previous owners contested the 2009 S2H and Lord Howe Island Races, with her former name being One for the Road. I am currently living aboard and contesting races at Gielston Bay and Bellerive Yacht Clubs. Pirate’s Pride has had consistent results in both GBBC and BYC Twilights as well as the Combined Clubs Long Distance Series


Sea Quest

Boat Name: Sea Quest
Owner: Tobias Fahey
Skipper: Tobias Fahey
Sail Number: 6285
Type of Boat: Radford 50
Club: DSS

Crew Members: TBA

Sea Quest is a 100D50 Radford built specifically for short handed long distance sailing. She is a blue water racer just refitted for a non-stop world circumnavigation.

Salty Dog

Boat Name: Salty Dog
Owner: Rick Pacey
Skipper: Rick Pacey
Sail Number: R367
Type of Boat: Beneteau First 36.7
Club: RYCV

Crew Members: Graeme Smith, Greg Cameron, Glen Armistead and Fiona Jay.

Salty Dog is a new boat, well for us anyway! We sailed in the Melbourne to Launceston on another boat last year, and decided to try something different in 2012.

42 South

Boat Name: 42° South
Owner: Mark Ballard
Skipper: Mark Ballard
Sail Number: FRA 9500
Type of Boat: Beneteau 44.7
Club: BYC

Crew Members: Derek Inglis, Matthew Denholm, James Anderson, Greg Rowlings, Peter Bingham, Tim Hoban, Adrian Clark, Adrian Hardman and Lachlan Davey.



Boat Name: Insatiable
Owner: Lisa Guy / Patrick Hyman
Skipper: Lisa Guy / Patrick Hyman
Sail Number: S79
Type of Boat: IOR-1 Tonner
Club: DSS / BYC

Crew Members: Lisa Guy, Patrick Hyman, Grace Stearnes, Sam Webb, Daniella Polita, John Lewis, Rod Barnes, Matt Smith and Roger Masters.

Insatiable is a IOR 1-ton cruiser-racer, she competes regularly in BYC twilight races, Crown Series, Cygnet, Dover and Pipe-Opener Regatta. Insatiable came 1st in Division 2 in Pipe Opener 2012. Crown Series 2012 she placed 2nd in Performance Cruising. In Division 1 Twilight 2011-12 at BYC, Insatiable placed 1st. She came 2nd in Division 2 in the Tasmanian AMS Inshore Series 2010-11


Boat Name: Pyxis
Owner: Chris Hadrill
Skipper: Chris Hadrill
Sail Number: 350
Type of Boat: Northshore 38
Club: GBBC

Crew Members: Rod Cushion, Jeff Bendall, Karinda Utting, Keith Bolton and Dan Ford.

Pyxis recently returned from a winter cruise to Fraser Island on Australia’s east coast and is getting back into the spring racing on the Derwent River. Pyxis came 4th in the spinnaker division at the Australian Northshore Regatta on Lake Macquarie in August and has competed in the last 3 Launceston to Hobart events. She has come 2nd across the line and 2nd on PHS in BYC twilight race 4 of this year.

Take 5

Boat Name: Take 5
Owner: Ian Gannon
Skipper: Ian Gannon
Sail Number: 3639
Type of Boat: Traditional 30
Club: DSS

Crew Members: Bryan Murphy, Glenn Phillips, Lyn Pullen, Guy McDougall

Take 5 is a Peter Cole designed Traditional 30.  It is owned by Ian and Lindy Gannon and skippered by Ian Gannon out of the Derwent Sailing Squadron.  Take 5 finished 2nd in PHS in last season’s round Bruny Race, 1st in PHS, Division 3 in Race 1 of the Pipe Opener, taking out 2nd overall in the series.  Take 5 is a regular on the river for Thursday night twilights and a keen competitor in the Long Distance race series.

With a brand new suite of Quantum sails, Take 5 has been described as the ‘fastest Trad 30 in the world!’


Boat Name: Rumbeat
Owner: Justin Barr
Skipper: Justin Barr
Sail Number: SM3598
Type of Boat: Farr 1104
Club: DSS

Crew Members: Glenn Stewart, Brendan Quirk, James Cowmeadow, Carl Parr, Andrew Matton-Johnson, Greg Khull.



Boat Name:      Masquerade
Owner:             Tony Harman
Skipper:            Tony Harman
Sail Number:    9404
Type of Boat:   Morgan 35
Club:                BYC

Crew Members: Peter Alexander, David Furmage, Steve Davison, Neil Snare,

Masquerade was designed by John Morgan and updated by Fred Barrett (rig sail plan and foils). Tony built Masquerade at home and launched in 2005. Masquerade has achieved good racing success, achieving overall winner of the 2011 L2H. We Masqueraders are looking forward to another top race in what is again a competitive fleet participating in this years race.


Boat Name:      Xcite
Owner:             Robin White
Skipper:            Robin White
Sail Number:    Y94
Type of Boat:   Rocket 31
Club:                BYC / DSS

Crew Members: Nigel White, Bill Rostron, Alistair Mearns, Micheal Burk

Xcite is a Rocket 31 Launched in 2006. Owned and Skippered by Robin White from the Bellerive Yacht Club. They have a very experienced ocean racing crew on board having competed in excess of over 80 offshore races between them. This is the boat’s first offshore race after having a diesel motor fitted replacing the outboard and a new sail wardrobe. they will be hoping for some good running and reaching conditions.

Host Plus Executive

Boat Name:      Host Plus Executive
Owner:             Jeff Cordell
Skipper:            Jeff Cordell
Sail Number:    5441
Type of Boat:   Mod Mumm 36
Club:                BYC

Crew Members: Gary Eiszele, Jarryd Cohen, Ian Stewart, Gavin Cowell, Janene Frawley, Paul Askey-Doran and Matt Schofield.

Helsal V

Boat Name:      Helsal V
Owner:             Robert & Sally Smith
Skipper:            Robert Smith
Sail Number:    YC5974
Type of Boat:   Beneteau 40.7
Club:                DSS

Crew Members: Sally Smith, Peter Chadwick, Cameron Atkins, Leigh Johnston, Robert Woehler, Shane Powell and Michael Rowley.


Boat Name:      Genevieve
Owner:             Peter Rae
Skipper:            Peter Rae
Sail Number:    PD 4
Type of Boat:   Jeanneau 42DS
Club:                RDYC

Crew Members: James Rae, Charles Youl, Elliot Rae, Mathew Watson,

Genevieve is the cruising model of the Jeanneau 42DS. Beautifully fitted out this yacht will provide a comfortable trip for its crew which includes three if the  crew who sailed SARNIA in the 1976 Sydney to Hobart. As well there are two youngsters keen to add a race to their quite extensive sailing experience.


Boat Name:      Allusive
Owner:             John Joyce
Skipper:            John Joyce
Sail Number:    TYC 407
Type of Boat:   Lyons
Club:                TYC

Crew Members: Andrew Royce, Allan King, Tim Freeman, S VerBeeton, John Poynter, Fergus Poynter

A medium displacement pilot house cruising yacht fitted out for comfortable cruising with 2 double cabins, generator, full galley and head. The boar has a handy turn of speed in a fresh breeze.  The owners enjoy cruising and hope to do the northern regattas in 2013.

The Fork in the Road

Boat Name:      The Fork in the Road
Owner:             Gary Smith / Geoff White
Skipper:            Gary Smith
Sail Number:    TAS 100
Type of Boat:   Bakewell-White 45
Club:                RYCT / DSS

Crew Members: Scott Sutton, Tony Shearman, Stephen Walker, Tim Maddock, Tim Bannerman, Alex Nolan, Chris Carrick, Stuart Pitt, Tim Starkey and Rowan Trappes.



Boat Name:      Pisces
Owner:             David Taylor
Skipper:            David Taylor
Sail Number:    6197
Type of Boat:   Bashford 36
Club:                RYCT

Crew Members: TBA


Boat Name:      Ramrod
Owner:             Royce Salter
Skipper:            Royce Salter
Sail Number:    R113
Type of Boat:   Kaufman 36
Club:                BYC

Crew Members: David Short, Julian Salter, Peter Turner, Stephen Hyland and Peter Lilley.

Ramrod is a modified Kaufman design and was built in the Huon. It was returned to Hobart from Melbourne in 2009 and relaunched in 2011 after extensive modifications.


Boat Name:      Hummingbird
Owner:             André Jenkins
Skipper:            André Jenkins
Sail Number:    3946
Type of Boat:   Mod Farr 37
Club:                DSS / RYCT

Crew Members: Neil Wallace, Chris Unwin, Jill Taylor, Reilly Jenkins, Declan Jenkins, Finnian Jenkins.

Hummingbird is a Scott Jutson-modified Farr 37 built by Glass Yachts in Sydney in 1985 to compete in the 1985 Sydney to Hobart race, in which she placed second. Thereafter, she was successfully campaigned in major onshore and offshore events throughout the 1980’s and 1990s, including six completed S2H races from eight starts , four Sydney to Mooloolaba races and the 1989 M2H race, which she won. After many years of successful club racing, Hummingbird returned to offshore racing in the 2007 and 2008 L2H races, and the 2009 M2H and M2HE races. In 2012, she will again compete in the L2H race.


Boat Name:     Twitch
Owner:            Twitch Syndicate
Skipper:           Jim Bedford
Sail Number:   5885
Type of Boat:   Lexcen 31
Club:                BYC

Crew Members: Clive Anning, Richard Upton, Peter Raymond, Leigh Bone, Gavin Brooks, Rod Shaw.

Twitch is a syndicate owned boat from BYC. The experinced crew have entered three previous L2H’s with their former yacht Easy Street. Twitch will be a strong performer in light and running conditions.Twitch has won Line Honours (Div 3) and BYC twilights and has also won Line honours (Div 2) in The Interclub Long Race Series.

The Protagonist

Boat Name:            The Protagonist
Owner:                   Colin Denny
Skipper:                  Stuart Denny
Sail Number:           881
Type of Boat:          Beneteau First 40
Club:                       BYC

Crew Members: Stuart Denny, Lindsay McDougall, Ian Johnston

Colin Denny’s The Protagonist,  is a one year old Beneteau competing in her first Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race. Stuart Denny will be skippering her and along with his experienced team is hoping to have a good race.


Boat Name:          Tilt
Owner:                 Peter Cretan
Skipper:                Peter Cretan
Sail Number:        H400
Type of Boat:        Hanse 400
Club:                     RYCT
Crew Members: Catherine Creton, Andrew Main



Boat Name: Saltair
Owner: Sarah Allard
Skipper: Sarah Allard
Sail Number: R410
Type of Boat: Elan 410
Club: RYCV
Crew Members: Bernard Allard

Saltair was first launched in June 2011 and is the first new Elan 410 in Australia. She competed in the Club Marine Series, Hobsons Bay Club Series and Taken cruising with the kids to Western Port with the Royals Christmas Mystery Tour. Sailing Saltair in Passage Races, competing 2 handed with 2 children aboard has been testing the owners to keep up with the fully crewed boats in the fleet. Looking forward to sailing in the two handed division this Christmas for the L2H 2012.


Boat Name: RQSIX
Owner: Mike Church
Skipper: Mike Church
Sail Number: RQ6
Type of Boat: Farr 36
Club: KYC

Crew Members: Amanda Beecroft, Isaac Beecroft, Graham Stevenson, Robyn Stevenson and Michael Burrows.

RQSIX, built in 1988 by Hitech Boats WA, is a Farr 36. She is one of 10 match racing boats and ended up at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. Purchased in 2011 the delivery trip was mid winter with no fit out below from Brisbane to Hobart. RQSIX has had an extensive refit and is now a cruiser/racer, visiting Port Davey and winning early 2012 twilight and Winter series at the local Kettering Yacht Club.

This year we have four experienced crew who sailed together in the 2011 S2H  and two young and keen sailors in Robyn (16) and Isaac (13). Robyn has sailed the Pacific with her father Graham. Isaac started at Cygnet as a junior and is in his 2nd season on RQSIX Twilight and winter series as well as the Pipe Opener. They’ve got their spinnaker gybes down pat.

Penfold Audi Sport

Boat Name:           Penfold Audi Sport
Owner:                  David Ellis
Skipper:                 David Ellis
Sail Number:         R31
Type of Boat:        Archambault  A31
Club:                     RYCV

Crew Members: Paul Grant, Ben Howland, Paul Larcher, Jane Richards, Daniel Rushbrook, Josh White

Penfold Audi Sport is an Archambault A31, one of the world’s best performing IRC racers. With support from Audi Penfold the Penfold Audi Sport team have had great success in events throughout Australia from Hamilton Island to Sydney, and to their home waters on Port Phillip Bay. Penfold Audi Sport are returning for their second attempt at the L2H race, the team are looking forward to the great hospitality shown by our hosts at the TYC and the DSS.


Boat Name:       Moonshadow
Owner:                Anthony Ellis
Skipper:               Anthony Ellis
Sail Number:       3952
Type of Boat:       Lotus 10.6
Club:                    DSS

Crew Members:  Jim McCormack, Michelle Edwards, Dean Hadley, Bruce Maher and Kath Maher.

Moonshadow is an Alan Wright design and imported from NZ in 1984. A regular participant in the Long Race Series and winner of the 2009 Green Island Race, this will be her third L2H. Three of her crew have previous experience in the race and two of the Newbie’s for this year will be a father/daughter combination. Like most cruiser/racer style boats we suit (and like) reaching conditions.


Boat Name: Kaiulani
Owner: Malcom Cooper
Skipper: Malcom Cooper
Sail Number: 137
Type of Boat: Snook 30
Club: DSS

Crew Members: Amanda Spinks Cooper, Ross Daley, Judi Marshall, Wayne Wagg, Peter Taylor and John Hall.

Kaiulani is 32 years old and is still racing in Hobart and competing in offshore racing. Along with 3 of the crew Kaiulani has competed in all L2H races so far and hopes to do many more. The boat maybe one of the oldest and smallest in the fleet but is competitive and likes weather hard on the nose.

Hot Prospect

Boat Name: Hot Propect
Owner: Ian Marshall
Skipper: Ian Marshall
Sail Number: M88
Type of Boat: Farr 1104
Club: GBBC
Crew Members: David Paine, Bruce McKercher, Richard Ford


Boat Name:         Careena
Owner:                Ross Carey
Skipper:               Ross Carey
Sail Number:       TYC 254
Type of Boat:      Van Der Stadt Norman 40
Club:                   TYC

Crew Members: James Carey, Andrew Carey, Tristan Gourlay, Patrick McKenna, Bill Griffiths.

Careena is a 40 Foot Van der Stadt Norman Pilot House of Round Bilge Steel Construction designed as a fast cruising yacht. Careena has cruised both the Bass Strait Islands and Victorian Coastlines and the East Coast of Tasmania. She has Competed in both the Melbourne to Launceston and L2H yacht races.


Boat Name:         Footloose
Owner:                Stewart Geeves and Kaye Roberts
Skipper:               Stewart Geeves
Sail Number:        881
Type of Boat:       Young 88
Club:                    GBBC / RYCT
Crew Members:  Nick Smith, Cheryl Sward, Catherine Vickers, Gerry Smith,

Footloose is a timber Young 88 and built in 1984 by Milner Yacht Costructions in Launceston. Footloose is one of the first Young 88’s built in Tasmania. She was purchased in 2008 by Kaye Roberts and Stewart Geeves. Her best result to date include overall winner of the 2010 L2H and winner of the AMS and PHS in the 2011 Maria Island Race and overall winner in the 2009 Pipe Opener including Cock of the Huon.
Footloose is one of the smallest boats in this event, her crew, is a mixture of youth and experience who hope to acquit themselves well against some of the glamour boats of the fleet.